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Banking law

Banking law is an area of law that governs the activities of financial institutions such as banks, lenders, credit unions, and other entities related to the banking sector. It constitutes a comprehensive set of regulations that oversee and control the functioning of the financial market while safeguarding the interests of clients who use the services of these institutions. Banking law regulates, among other things, the principles of granting loans, interest rates, collateral, and also the accountability of banks for their actions.
Attorney Sawa Zarębińska - Specialist in Swiss Franc Loans
Sawa Zarębińska is a respected attorney with extensive experience in the field of loans taken in Swiss Francs. Her specialization in this area of law and numerous successes in defending clients' rights in cases related to Swiss Franc loans make her an expert in this matter.

Swiss Franc loans, commonly known as "franc loans," were attractive options for many individuals, but unfortunately, they also came with significant risks, especially due to the currency's volatility. Many individuals who took these loans found themselves in difficult situations, as their debt increased substantially, and repayment became problematic.

With her knowledge and experience, Sawa Zarębińska helps clients who have found themselves in challenging situations due to Swiss Franc loans.

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